“Marianne is an absolute gem.  She has helped me advocate for myself the way I advocate for my clients.  She was instrumental in helping me realize my dream of owning my own law firm – Sparrow IP PLLC.  Marianne is tactical – she pinpoints your ultimate objectives, then carves out a roadmap to help you reach your full potential.” Julianne Henley, Managing Attorney/Founder, Sparrow IP PLLC

“As an attorney in private practice, Marianne has inspired me and taught me that with the right business development tools anyone can be successful and grow a thriving book of business. Her advice is applicable not only in the legal context but to business professionals in all industries. I simply cannot express how grateful I am to have learned from her and highly recommend her excellent approach and strategies for rainmaking.” Emily K. W., Esq., Jennings, Haug & Cunningham LLP

“Marianne’s program made an impact in teaching me the importance of leadership, mentoring, and developing business and has given me concrete tools to accomplish my goals in those areas. The program is very personalized and taught me how to work with my own individual strengths as a woman to build relationships and improve my career. She developed a real relationship with each of us in the program and her commitment to our success is exemplified by her willingness to follow up with each of us, make herself available for our individual issues, and walk the talk.” Nicole E. S., Snell & Wilmer LLP

“As a first-year associate, Marianne’s training was transformative to my career. Her one-on-one support through my first year was reliable, concrete, and specific, and she helped me tremendously to put my best foot forward as I made a career transition. Impressively, her group business development workshop was relevant and helpful to all, from the first-year associate (me) to the law firm partners. Perhaps just as importantly, Marianne is an absolute joy to work with. I left every conversation feeling motivated and ready to take on the business world! Marianne’s training is an asset to women attorneys at any level.” Anna H.

“Marianne is wonderful. She understands the importance of business development and the difficulty of accomplishing that goal. With her unique teachings, Marianne has given me the tools to begin building my book of business.” Lorena C. V., Commercial Litigation, Engelman Berger P.C.

“Marianne is one of the most amazing leaders I have ever encountered. She served as one of our core faculty on the award-winning Ladder Down program during its inaugural year, and was a fearless and faithful advocate for our women’s leadership program from the very beginning. Her business development boot camp was an invaluable component, and helped change the way our 24 participants will practice law for the rest of their lives. She is a dedicated, generous, compassionate businesswoman and I am honored to have had the opportunity to work with her. Her teaching will open your eyes and will give you the tools you need to overcome the daunting task of tackling business development. I don’t know where I would be without her encouragement and guidance – she truly is THE women lawyers’ coach.” Alison C., Christian Dichter & Sluga P.C. and Co-founder of Ladder Down

“Not only was Marianne inspiring and energizing, but she gave me the tools to actually follow-through and capitalize on that inspiration and energy. Marianne continues to be supportive and reliable, and I am more confident in my abilities to build business and develop my practice after working with her.” Micalann C. P., Attorney at Christian Dichter & Sluga

“I really enjoyed Marianne’s presentation on rainmaking. She gave me a lot of information that I can use to be successful in job hunting and building my network, including how to renew old networking contacts.” Kimberly, AZ Summit Law School Graduate

“Marianne graciously agreed as a faculty member of “Ladder Down”, an innovative and award winning program that empowers female lawyers to take control of their careers. Her business development boot camp was life changing for the Ladder Down participants. She provided invaluable insight and practical tips that gave the participants the confidence and tools to effectively compete for business.” Elizabeth F., Co-Founder of Ladder Down Program

“Marianne is simply amazing. I learned more from her in a few short months than I have in 12 years of practice. She is enthusiastic, engaging and understands what women need to know to be better rainmakers. I would highly recommend her to any woman who wants to increase her business.” Lana A. O., Lightfoot, Franklin & White LLC, Vice-Chair, DRI’s Women in the Law Committee

“Working with Marianne has added significant value to my legal career and my life. In my first occasion to work with Marianne, she helped me to create a business development strategy that combined my experience and my passions. When I became more senior, I worked with Marianne to overcome challenges that face women attorneys who work a reduced-hour schedule. When I decided that I wanted to make a professional transition, Marianne helped me to create a plan that identified my needs and desires. Together, we created a blueprint for obtaining success that I continue to use today. Marianne is an amazing professional and an amazing person. All women attorneys need someone like Marianne in their corner!” Jennifer Knapp R., Counsel, Litigation, Sprint Law Department

“Marianne is terrific! She understands that business development is a critical part of a successful and self-directed legal career and she is able to take the mystery out of the process of building a successful practice. I recommend her without reservation.” Tracy A., Shareholder, Competition Litigation, Robinson Waters & O’Dorisio P.C.

“Marianne really helped me focus on what I wanted for my life and helped me translate that into “right next step” for my career. She expertly guided me from a partner position at a law firm to a lobbyist position with a national non-profit. Without her sound advice, I wouldn’t have been as prepared to move quickly and I wouldn’t have been such a strong candidate when a great opportunity came my way.” Lindsay, Washington D.C.

“Working with Marianne was great. As a senior associate at a large firm, I can’t overstate how helpful she was in focusing me and the direction I want to take with my career. In addition, every time we met she gave me practical business development tips that I could immediately implement. As a direct result of working with Marianne, I brought in my first client. Her depth of experience, structured approach and insightful guidance have been invaluable to me. I recommend her wholeheartedly!” Monica R.

“Marianne’s mission statement reflects exactly who she is and what she does. Marianne is excellent and she helps me to attend to the business development side of my law practice in a supportive manner which is consistent with my personality. I consider her an essential part of my practice. In over 30 years of practicing law, I have been exposed to many excellent business development professionals. Marianne is, bar none, the best.” Rita A. M. PLC, Adoption and Employment Law

“Marianne has helped me get my new firm positioned so we can compete for new clients more effectively. She is a wonderful resource and a great person to work with. Marianne’s ability to strategize and coach has helped my firm grow beyond my wildest expectations.” Laura C., R.Ph., J.D., The Carpenter Law Firm, Healthcare Law

“Marianne takes the time to understand you and what you would like to accomplish. She then moves on to help you discover what can be done that will be profitable, satisfying and rewarding. Exceptional.” Dr. Lawrence E. K., Koslow & Associates PLC

“Marianne has helped me develop new business by expanding the way I think about business development and coaching me to identify new business opportunities. She works with my strengths to create a business approach that matches my personal style. I have found that it really works!” Susan I. M., Schneider & Onofry P.C., Medical and Dental Malpractice Law

“First, go sit on a rock and think about what you really want your life to be…” With those words and her invaluable insights, Marianne helped me transition my career to a position that allows me to combine practicing law, public service, and time for people and interests outside of work. After nearly 20 years as a litigator in private practice, I knew I wanted a change. Through all of our discussions, Marianne helped me to stay focused on those things I had identified as important to a fulfilling life. I cannot explain in this brief testimonial the difference Marianne has made for me. I believe that she was as excited as, if not more than I, when I made my move. That is how much she cared about me as a client and person. I encourage any female attorney, regardless of where they are in their career path, to call her. She knows how to help you increase your client base where you are, or how to help you transition into a career that better fits with who you are and what you want.” Kay C., Litigation Department, Scottsdale Assistant City Attorney

“As someone who is in the beginning stages of her legal career, I found Marianne’s advice and support invaluable. Marianne helped me focus on what I really wanted out of my career and offered innovative ways to achieve my goals. She has given me so much practical advice. Marianne has also been a source of support when I have been faced with difficult decisions and, because of her empathy and years of experience in the legal field, has helped me more clearly analyze the pros and cons of different choices. I highly recommend Marianne to anyone who would like guidance in their legal career.” Carolyn R., Third Year Associate

“In her presentations, Marianne provides unique, practical, and proven advice to help women attorneys not only to become successful in their career endeavors, but also to become successful in every aspect of life. Her dynamic presentations are easy to understand and reach a wide ranging audience, from first year associate to seasoned attorney, and from solo practitioner to a partner in a large firm. Her passion is inspiring to the audience and her willingness to meet with audience members after her presentation was an added plus.” Angela W., Chair of WLSA Symposium, Sandra O’Connor College of Law

“Marianne is an engaging presenter and her practical advice applies to women attorneys at all career levels. She inspired our audience of both legal marketers and lawyers and encouraged collaborative efforts to help our women attorneys be successful. Marianne’s extensive experience and “real life” examples helped our audience relate to the issues and challenges facing women lawyers every day.” LMA-Midwest Indianapolis City Group Co-Chair, Taft Stettinius & Hollister LLP

“Marianne was an incredible source of creativity and guidance when I transitioned my practice to a larger law firm. She provided sharp insight into things I never would have considered and focused my attention and priorities in a masterful way. Her ability to understand and focus on my plans and goals, rather than some pre-set, rigid formula, is unique and the key to many of the successes I have experienced. For the first time, I have pushed through what I believe is a “glass” barrier, and I have achieved my definition of success – being a partner in a loving marriage, co-raising 3 kids under 5 years old, and building a strong and deep legal practice. It has really been in the past year that I have found the ability to prioritize (and then re-prioritize), focus, organize and find the discipline to do what I need to do. I do not find it any coincidence that I have been working with Marianne for the last year – she has been instrumental in helping me build and maintain a successful practice. Not surprisingly, her insights into my legal practice carry over into my personal life in a positive way as well. About once a month I go home and tell my husband about my plans and strategies for growing my practice. During these conversations, I have great enthusiasm and very clear ideas. Each and every time this has happened, my husband has asked, “Did you have a meeting with Marianne today?” and each and every time, I have replied, “Yes!” Julie V.

“Although Marianne primarily coaches women lawyers, any professional can benefit from her training and learn how to effectively develop a book of business. She focuses on building relationships, which is an important skill to master in any industry. I hope to apply the wisdom I gained from her to a new career as an artist.” Rebecca L. C.

“There are not enough words to express my respect and admiration I have for Marianne. I worked with Marianne for a career transition. She is caring, gives gentle pushing when necessary, worked with and around my personality, and gave continuous and positive feedback. I truly felt that through the whole process, Marianne was there for me. She was not only my coach but my most constant cheerleader, supporter, mentor, and most of all, friend. I could not have asked for a more perfect coach. She truly is concerned about her clients not only in a professional sense but with their emotional and personal well-being. Marianne works with what is happening in your life and helps you to achieve balance. She works with you to ascertain what is important to you personally and will help you see how the decisions that you are facing and the decisions you make either align with your fundamental values and beliefs or how they pull you away from them. She takes and helps you towards taking a holistic view of not only your career, but your life. She is absolutely the best!!!” Bridget M.