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Marianne Trost

is a nationally recognized coach with over 25 years of experience helping lawyers succeed in the business of law and she knows what it takes to achieve in private practice.

If you are looking for the tools to build your book of business or strategies to proactively manage your legal career, Marianne can help you.

Whether your goal is to develop a niche practice, differentiate yourself from the competition, develop your own client base, or redefine your career, Marianne can help you identify and implement the steps to create the career you want.

Marianne has worked successfully with more than 3,000 attorneys to help them grow their books of business and/or achieve their professional goals including:

Private Practice Attorneys

  • Reducing dependency on other lawyers for work
  • Surpassing the million-dollar mark
  • Bringing in that first client
  • Competing in “pitches” and “rfps” successfully
  • Eliminating low return-on-investment business development activities
  • Transitioning social relationships into business relationships
  • Negotiating origination credit for new and existing clients/matters
  • Identifying a niche practice and differentiating from the competition
  • Starting new firms and growing existing firms
  • Learning the fundamentals of business development
  • Achieving partnership or transitioning from non-equity to equity
  • Negotiating part-time and alternative work arrangements
  • Transitioning from private practice to non-profit, governmental, and in-house counsel positions

In-house Counsel

  • Creating a career path
  • Positioning for internal promotion
  • Accessing opportunities for inclusion
  • Self-advocating
  • Navigating internal politics
  • Working with difficult personalities
  • Assuming greater responsibility and leadership
  • Negotiating increases in salary
  • Improving work satisfaction


“Marianne is one of the most amazing leaders I have ever encountered. She served as one of our core faculty on the award-winning Ladder Down program during its inaugural year, and was a fearless and faithful advocate for our women’s leadership program from the very beginning. Her teaching will open your eyes and will give you the tools you need to overcome the daunting task of tackling business development. I don’t know where I would be without her encouragement and guidance – she truly is THE women lawyers’ coach.”
Alison C., Christian, Dichter & Sluga, P.C. and Co-founder of Ladder Down

“As an attorney in private practice, Marianne has inspired me and taught me that with the right business development tools anyone can be successful and grow a thriving book of business. Her advice is applicable not only in the legal context but to business professionals in all industries. I simply cannot express how grateful I am to have learned from her and highly recommend her excellent approach and strategies for rainmaking.”
Emily K. W., Esq., Jennings, Haug & Cunningham LLP

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